Ronnie Coleman is on a mission to hulk up his already huge biceps, declaring on Instagram that his guns seem to be shrinking. The eight-time Mr. Olympia’s arms are widely considered some of the best, if not the best, ever to appear on a bodybuilding stage, but he says they’re not what they used to be.

“Still trying to get these little arms a little bigger. Seems the older I get the smaller they get,” he wrote on Instagram. “Oh well that just means I have to work a little bit harder which I am up to the task.” 

Watch The King bang out some single-arm preacher cable curls here:


We’re not sure just how much bigger Coleman’s biceps can get, but it’s no question that he knows how to build muscle better than pretty much anyone else. 

His war against Father Time is nothing new. Coleman is recovering from multiple spinal surgeries and late last year was told he might never walk again. Yet against medical advice, he continued to train in an effort to prevent muscle atrophy—though it would take quite a while for those muscles to disappear. He did take a six-month hiatus from working out until his doctor gave him the OK to hit the weights again.

Despite the setbacks, he recently declared that he’d rather work out than eat or sleep, even after doctors and fans urged him to ease up in the gym.  

He wasted no time getting back into it once he was cleared by his doctor, and he’s been posting training videos over the past few weeks to keep fans updated. 

Coleman often receives plenty of love from his social media followers, but you may soon have the chance to show your appreciation to him in person. He’ll be at the 2019 Mr. Olympia to promote his autobiography, Yeah Buddy.

Buy your tickets soon to meet him and his huge biceps at the Expo Stage on Friday, Sept. 13, at 3:30 p.m.