Legendary bodybuilder and eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman used to be known for his insanely heavy lifts. While most bodybuilders opt for lighter weights than a powerlifter would go for, Coleman pushed his body to its limits with his incredible feats of strength—take these 800-pound squats, for example.

All that heavy lifting takes a toll on the body, as Coleman later found out. Since his Mr. Olympia reign came to an end in 2006, he’s had multiple surgeries—including three back surgeries in 2018 alone. 

He recently took to Instagram to share a positive post-surgery update, and even hit the gym for a light session just two weeks later. But it seems Coleman’s recovery isn’t quite going as expected. In a recent interview with Muscular Development, he expressed doubt that he’ll ever recover 100%.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk,” he said in the video. “But I’ll give it my best shot.” Coleman also revealed that the last three surgeries he’s had total nearly $2 million in work. We wish him the best and hope he recovers fully.

On October 13, Coleman hit a positive milestone: he took to Instagram to thank fans in the wake of his YouTube channel hitting 500,000 subscribers. He’s been sharing some of his favorite throwback videos to celebrate the occasion, including his famous 800-pound squats. Check them out below.