“Your body is a machine”—it’s a cliché at this point, but in the case of an elite athlete, it’s absolutely true. They’ll only perform up to their full potential if they’re ingesting the right fuel, and to do that, they need the best food possible, including a mix of carbs, proteins, and fats to keep their bodies humming along. And for former World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw, that also means a whole hell of a lot of meat to hit his protein goals (which have reached up to 705g per day at points)

Shaw is known for his prodigious daily calorie intake, as well as his mammoth cheat days—like the time he nearly wiped an entire Chick-fil-A off the map or when he downed a 7-pound burrito on his YouTube channel. In Shaw’s latest video, he partners up with fellow mountain of muscle Terry Hollands to peruse a Costco in search of meat. Don’t worry—they found it. Plenty of it. In fact, 25 pounds of it.

Check out what it’s like to go grocery shopping with Shaw in the video below:

In the next video, the pair grinds 14 pounds of ribeye—at a whopping 16,000 calories—and makes burger patties out of them. While they don’t eat it all at once, we’re betting that it doesn’t last too long in the Shaw household. Take a look: