Watch: Gal Gadot Kicks Ass in New 'Wonder Woman' Origin Story Trailer

It's the first real look at Diana Prince's transformation from an Amazon warrior princess into a world-saving superhero.


The future of justice is (almost) here, and it's decidedly badass. And female.

But as we look forward to Wonder Woman's solo debut on the big screen this June, fans of the DC Universe superhero have yet to get a good look into her past. Until now, that is. 

The film's latest trailer, which was released this Saturday, offers the first in-depth glimpse into the origin story of Diana Prince (a.k.a. Wonder Woman), played by the marvelous Gal Gadot.

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The trailer opens on the picturesque island of Themyscira, where we are able to witness Diana's intense training as an Amazon warrior and the ultimate realization of her powers. 

When Steve Trevor unexpectedly comes crashing into Diana's idylic world, telling stories of global war and destruction, she makes the decision to leave home and become the superhero she was clearly always destined to be.

Check out the action-packed origin story trailer in the video above.