Watch: Jackass Cycling Fan Gets Hammered by Norwegian Security

See what happens when the overexuberant spectator gets too close to the action.

Cycling may not be on the top of your list when it comes to sporting events to watch, but some people are really into it—maybe to a fault. 

Take this spectator at the World Cycling Championship in Bergen, Norway, who made the boneheaded move to chase down competing cyclist Tony Martin on foot. Whether he was a really big fan of Martin, or of the pint, we may never know, but one thing is for sure: He'll think twice about stepping onto a bike path any time soon. 

Check out the moment when his 15 seconds of fame come to a crashing end

And while Martin got a lion's share of attention for being a part of the melee, it was Dutchman Tom Dumoulin who actually won the race, capturing his first-ever world championship. Dumoulin outdueled Chris Froome to secure the coveted rainbow jersey in Bergen. 

Look for him to lead the way for his nation at the Tour de France next year. As for the imbecile who got plastered at this year's event, we're betting he'll be sitting that one out.