Watch: John Cena's Hilarious Attempt at Making Up Random Object Jingles

The WWE superstar put his pipes and comedic chops on display for a hilarious bit on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'.

Some people just have a knack for creating catchy product pitch jingles that seem to stick in your head forever. WWE superstar John Cena is clearly not one of them.

The muscular, multi-talented showman did, however, give it his shot best during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. From eggnog to complimentary snacks on airplanes, Cena searched for the right words and tunes to create unforgettable jingles on the fly.

The bit, titled "Random Object Jingles With John Cena," revealed two things "The Prototype" can't do very well: sing and come up with catchy tunes. Although, in fairness, the one about the snowmobile has potential.

While his ability to carry a tune needs plenty of work, you've got to give the man props for showcasing something outside his wheelhouse in front of millions of people. As of late, it seems like Cena is willing to give anything a try. Just last week, the WWE superstar tried his hand at the game of cricket. And, just like his attempts at jingle-writing, it flopped miserably. 

But things did improve with Cena's next comedy foray on the show, in which he and Fallon did the following bit, titled "Mad Lib Theater":

Aside from the awesome holiday sweaters, the duo elicited lots of laughs with hilarious word choices during the Christmas-themed version of the always-entertaining game.