Watch This Little Girl School John Cena at Cricket

The WWE superstar and all-around exceptional athlete isn't good at cricket, and he knows it.

John Cena playing cricket
Newspix / Contributor / Getty

John Cena probably wishes his famous "you can't see me" catchphrase was actually true during a recent attempt to show off his cricket skills.

While in Australia to promote his new movie, Ferdinand, Cena tried his hand at the unfamiliar game during a training session of the Sydney Thunder professional cricket team. And although the 6'1", 250-lb WWE superstar looked intimidating at bat, his skills didn't leave any of the players quaking in their cricket shoes.

To Cena's credit, however, cricket is no easy game to master, and he was able to connect with a few of the balls bowled his way. Still, we don't expect to see "The Prototype" batting cleanup for the Sydney Thunder—or any other cricket team on the planet—anytime soon.

The 16-time WWE World Champion and beast in the gym was the first to admit that his game wasn't up to par, and he shared the sentiment with his Twitter followers:

For a man who pretty much excels at every new endeavor, this exhibition serves as a reminder that even the greatest strike out from time to time.