Watch: 'Re: Born' Delivers the Ass-Kicking Action in New U.K. Trailer

The high-octane Japanese thriller features an array of intense fight scenes that will leave you floored.

If you like your action flicks chock-full of hand-to-hand combat fight scenes to the death, then this Japanese thriller has your name all over it.

Judging from the newly released U.K. trailer from Eureka Entertainment, there's no shortage of creative ways to finish off the enemy in Re: Born. The movie's plot focuses on a covert soldier who returns to unleash his wrath on those he believes have wronged him. You won't find any traditional killing methods in this full-throttle combat flick. From an epic phone booth fight, to a knife fight in the forrest, the carnage and body count quickly escalate as the Ghost returns with a vengeance. 

The movie's headliner is Tak Sakaguchi, one of the top action hero icons in Japan, who also worked for a few years behind the camera as an action choreographer. Re: Born brings Sakaguchi's talents back to the screen on which he once again puts his fighting chops on display under the lead of director Yuji Shimomura.

Re: Born premiered at The Fighting Spirit Film Festival earlier this month, before being showcased at other festivals around the United Kingdom ahead of its 2018 home video release. While no U.S. distributor or U.S. release date has been set, the Japanese action-thriller's success overseas could help find it a home here in the States. Stay tuned. 



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