For those of you who have ever laced up a pair of skates for time on the ice, you know just how sharp they can be. The last place you’d want one of those blades slicing across you is your bare neck, but that’s exactly what happened to Boston defenseman Adam McQuiad this past Saturday night at TD Garden in a game against the New Jersey Devils. See how it went down in the slow mo clip below. 

In a testament to the toughness of every hockey player, McQuaid blew off the injury as no big deal, telling ESPN, “Initially, when I didn’t see any blood, I figured that I was okay…. I don’t think many guys saw it on the ice. Once I got to the bench, Colin Miller at first was like, ‘Oh, you’re okay.’ Then, ‘No, actually, you’re cut. You might want to have it looked at.”

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Fortunately for McQuaid, he took his teammate’s advice and had the gash checked out by medical personnel who sewed up the injury with about 25 stitches. A mere scratch for these warriors of the ice, and certainly nothing to prohibit him from the team’s next game against Ottawa tonight.