What a world we live in! ABC 7 Chicago reported on this strange and titillating phenomenon this week where some weight trainers carb load with breast milk to help them gain mass.

We decided to loop in our deputy editor, Matt Tuthill, on the merits or demerits of imbibing mamma’s milk to get that extra muscle: “I’m not interested in casting judgment on the men who would do this. But if I did meet someone who did it… I guess I would just point to the countless athletic achievements that have been made throughout history by men who weren’t drinking breast milk at the time. There’s plenty you can do to get an edge—stopping well short of stalking new moms in grocery stores.”

Check out the report from ABC that compares the nutritional value of breast milk vs. cow milk, and also includes and interview with a doctor about the potential health risks of consuming breast milk purchased via the Internet.

Check out the original ABC news segment that prompted the above report: