Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey may have been on amicable terms a few weeks ago, but in the lead-up to their championship match at Money in the Bank, both superstars clearly aren’t holding back anymore.

The first sign of friction appeared a few weeks ago, when Stephanie McMahon goaded Jax into admitting she challenged Rousey to prove her superiority. Rousey took the bait, telling Jax that that her arm is just as good.

Then, last week, Jax severely injured Rousey’s friend Natalya. Rousey suspected foul play; Jax denied it.

Ronda Rousey

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On this week’s Raw—the last before Money in the Bank—the two superstars went face to face one last time before Sunday’s title bout.

Instead of backing off, Jax doubled down on her position from a few weeks ago, claiming that Rousey isn’t prepared for a championship fight in a WWE ring. Of course, Rousey wasn’t having it.

While Jax did manage to knock Rousey down, Rousey quickly turned the tables on Jax, capturing her in an excruciating armbar and forcing her to tap out.


While Rousey might not have Jax’s sports entertainment experience, her grappling skills are still UFC-worthy. When the two superstars finally clash on Sunday, the match will definitely be one to remember.

Money in the Bank will air live from Rosemont, Illinois on June 17 on the WWE Network.

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