Frank Zane

When I was just starting to get involved in bodybuilding, I remember seeing photos of Spanish bodybuilders. They all had great midsections. This made them impressive even though the rest of their bodies were underdeveloped. I liked this look and figured out early on that a small waistline was the linchpin of the entire physique.

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The Secrets

1. Don’t Fill Up

Instead, eat frequent, small meals, and drink slowly. When you eat a lot of food it takes a long time to digest it; this inefficiency also blunts the nutritional benefits.

2. Eat Clean

Besides eating minimally processed foods, this means fewer carbs than protein. Eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight when leaning out and a half gram of carbs per pound.

Every fourth day, Zane says, eat as many carbs as protein, then drop carbs in half and repeat the cycle.

3. Do Enough Cardio

This will keep you tight everywhere. If you get bored, make it interesting. Play basketball or go mountain biking. Don’t overthink it. Just sweat.

4. Work Your Abs A Lot

Gradually build up reps on four exercises until you get around 1,000 for the day. Break it up however you need to; it’s easy to bang it out in bunches.