Pro Tips

Tips From Every Mr. Olympia

We survey every Mr. Olympia winner to get their best advice.


Larry Scott (left) and Sergio Oliva

On Sept. 18, 1965, a standing-room-only crowd of 2,500 rabid fans in the Brooklyn Academy of Music screamed as Larry Scott was crowned the first Mr. Olympia. On Sept. 17, 2016, in the Orleans Arena, the 52nd Mr. Olympia will be staged.

Only 13 men have won the previous 51 O’s. In their honor, we’ve assembled advice from each victor—from Scott’s initial two to Phil Heath’s five straight. Like tweets, no tip is longer than 140 characters and affixed to each are hashtags related to that year’s Olympia. This guidance and hashtag history lesson demonstrates that some things have changed while others have stayed the same over the O’s time. 


’65: When curling, a bench locks your arms in place. I do preacher curls with a barbell and dumbbells in every biceps workout. #1stOlympia #26yrsold #NYC

’66: I eat a lot of beef, cottage cheese, and eggs. And I drink a lot of milk. Year-round, I don’t eat many carbohydrates. #Retirement #NYC 


’67: Back squats and front squats built my legs. I go as heavy as 3 reps when squatting, but then finish with a set of 20. #PooleWins1stBallot #Re-vote #NYC

’68: My favorite shoulder exercise is the press-behind-the-neck. I do 5 sets x 5 reps. Sometimes I superset them with upright rows. #Unopposed #NYC 

’69: I eat 6 meals daily with lots of tuna, egg whites, and milk. I also eat steak, chicken, rice, oatmeal, and vegetables. #ArnoldDebut #Arnold2nd #NYC