Whenever I watch a mixed martial arts fight, I like to imagine myself pacing the Octagon in four-ounce gloves with tribal ink splashed across my arms, pounding my chest as I wait to lay waste to the fool standing across from me.

Then, upon seeing a guy get knocked out, I remind myself of two things: 

  1. I threw up once during a three-mile run in high school,
  2. My cat is the alpha of my apartment.

The conclusion: If I ever got into a fight, I’m sure that the only damage I’d do is to the floor as I crash into it. As such, I selfishly reached out to a host of professional fighters, whose job it is to give and take hits, to ask them where their least favorite spot to receive a shot is and how to defend against it.

Hopefully, you don’t ever get into a scuffle—but if you do, here’s where it’s going to hurt and how you should cover up.

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