WWE Superstars don’t often find success all on their own, so many adopt the “strength in numbers” principle to capture individual or tag team gold. During the years, countless groups have risen in an attempt to dominate the rest of the locker room, with varying degrees of success.

In compiling M&F’s list of The Top 10 Greatest Factions in WWE History, where there must be at least three members, we are using some additional qualifiers. Firstly, if you can see them on the WWE Network or they are in the WWE Hall of Fame, then they are eligible. Secondly, this is a list of factions—in other words, this is a list of wrestlers that often teamed together in one combination or another. We are not so much looking at managerial stables like that of Bobby Heenan or Paul Heyman, but regular factions. There’s also more to Sports Entertainment than mat skills, so we are looking at the story and influence these groups contributed as a whole, too. Are your favorites here?

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All photos courtesy of the WWE.