WrestleMania, otherwise known as the Super Bowl of pro wrestling just got even bigger for WWE fans with the announcement of a 5-day fan event titled “WWE World.” If you are headed to Philly for a grappling vacation this April, here’s all you need to know.

WrestleMania has come along way since the advent of its first pay-per-view held in Madison Square Garden back in 1985. These days, the biggest show on the pro wrestling calendar is a week-long event, attracting fans from all around the world, and is now a two-night stadium filling extravaganza. Still, one aspect of the “Show of Shows” that did take a hit as a result of the Covid pandemic was the scaling back of WWE’s official fan mecca, then known as “Axxess.” Due to rules around personal distancing in 2020, WWE was forced to scrap the festivities, including autograph signings, meet and greets, and interactive fan experiences. While Axxess did return in 2022, this was in a reduced form that was largely made of a merchandising superstar. Now, the concept of “Axxess” is back, and it has a new name to boot. Enter “WWE World” — A five-day event that will begin on Thursday, April 4, and conclude on Monday April 8 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, in WrestleMania XL’s host city of Philadelphia. This dream event for rabid WWE aficionados is being put together in partnership with Fanatics.

WWE is offering a “First of its kind” experience with WWE World

“Fanatics has a phenomenal ability to customize offerings for fans and we’re excited to partner with them on this first-of-its-kind experience for the WWE Universe at WrestleMania XL,” says Scott Zanghellini, who is WWE’s Co-Head of Revenue Strategy & Development.

While the lineup for WWE World in April is only just beginning to take shape, already announced for April 5 is the chance to get a VIP ticket that grants fans a ‘meet and greet’ with WWE World Champion, Seth Rollins. Also announced for April 5 will be a live recording of the “Pat McAfee Podcast,” hosted by the former NFL player and current WWE color commentator.

“Through unique content, Superstar access and immersive experiences, we look forward to curating a captivating event for all fans who are in Philadelphia for WWE’s marquee event,” says Lance Fensterman, CEO of Fanatics Events. Tickets to WWE World are available now at: https://www.fanaticsevents.com/wwe/tickets

WrestleMania XL will take place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on April 6 & 7. Limited tickets remain here!