When it comes to staying active during the long winter months there aren’t many comfortable fitness activities that you can do other than hit the gym. But then you find yourself competing for a machine or for space with the other 50 people who have the same idea and same desperation to get in a good workout

In the warmer months things are more spread out, it seems. You see people biking on the roads, running in the streets, and doing bodyweight moves in the park. But what to do in the winter?

If you live in a place that has snow, you always have the option to hit the slopes and try something new. But be careful—as a beginner, you should be warned that a slew of people skiing and snowboarding on the same mountain can lead to some unwanted collisions.

So we reached out to one of the most renowned big-mountain skiers in North America: Red Bull and The North Face athlete John Collinson (@johncollinson), for his expert advice on how to not look like a beginner, or “jerry.” So take heed and do your best to avoid any mishaps by following these tips.