A stand out high school lacrosse, football, and karate star, Connor McJury was already a gym rat upon entering college at SUNY Brockport in New York, and determined not to let his new busy schedule change that. “Once I have my class schedule, I figure out when I’m going to be working out and eating,” says McJury. “That keeps me on track.”After emerging as the last man standing among the thousands of entries in the M&F Fit Man on Campus contest, McJury kept his training consistent. “Winning was really exciting,” says McJury. “I got publicity from my campus and hometown but it didn’t change much about how I trained.

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McJury lifts weights five days a week using a combination of Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program and Layne Norton’s PHAT protocols. “My main priority is strength and I’d love to get my squat up to 400 pounds soon,” says McJury. “I’m trying to learn as much as possible to get bigger, stronger, and leaner.” Looking ahead, the ambitious Class of 2015 graduate has set his sights on a career in fitness. After he graduates, McJury’s immediate goal is to complete an internship at a professional or collegiate strength and conditioning program. “My dream internship and job would be strength and conditioning coach for the Carolina Panthers.”

McJury’s Top Three Tips For College Fitness

  1. Beat Temptation: Dining halls give equal space to clean up options and junk food. Stay away from the pizza line.
  2. Prioritize: Other guys will want to hang out and play video games all the time. Make sure you get to the gym first.
  3. Partner Up: Whether it’s hiring a trainer or finding a training partner, seek support no matter what your experience level.

​If you’re thinking about playing sports in college, want to get stronger, or just want to impress the ladies then you should give this workout a try. It’s inspired by Connor McJury and as you can see it has worked for him over the years, so give it a try. What are you afraid of? Results?

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