When the name Janos Baranyai is mentioned, not everyone’s head turns. But when someone mentions the guy who popped his elbow in a sickening weightlifting accident at the Beijing Games in 2008, most guys will squirm in sympathy for the athlete.

For those who have not seen the video, check it out (warning – not for the too squeamish). Baranyai was competing in the 169.4 lbs class in China, and during his third attempt to snatch 326 lbs, he dislocated his right elbow.

Well, he recovered from that injury and is now trying to make the best of his circumstances.

Despite the fact that he has no job and no gym to train out of, Baranyai is still keeping his 2012 Olympic dream alive.

In an interview with AIPS he explained his situation:

“My club didn’t pay the dues, so that I couldn’t use the gym. So I transformed my garage into a gym. It was supposed to be a temporary solution, but it became a long-term one. I did all my trainings before the European Champs in that garage,” he said.

Guess what, he placed fifth at those 2011 European Championships, and he is now trying to qualify for the London games.

Read the full interview with AIPS here.

So for all those guys out there training in converted garages for whatever reason, keep it up!

And for any guy who needs a little inspiration to work out or lift today, this Hungarian’s resolve and determination to overcome injury and make the best of what he’s got should be enough motivation for a month.

Make no excuses!