Muscle & Fitness Male Model 2013: Month Two Co-Winner

Colin will compete at the 2013 Muscle & Fitness Model Search in Las Vegas during the Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend for the overall title. 

Name: Colin Wayne


Height: 6’2″


Birth Date: 

Current Residence: 
Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL

Occupation: Prior Army combat veteran (6 years). Currently, a sponsored athlete/fitness model for SHREDZ.
Years Training: 5 years

What do you like best about working out?
I love working out and constantly seeing my body change for the better. It’s my lifestyle and I love every aspect of it.

What or who got you started working out?
Before I deployed to Iraq in 2009 I had a good friend who had been deployed before and he encouraged me to work out as a hobby to pass time. So I started working out and have been doing it nonstop ever since. 

Who influenced you to start working out seriously?
When I was deployed in Iraq we had a bodybuilding competition that I competed in. Sgt. Mark King was a bodybuilder who won Mr. NY and he was very influential. 

What’s your favorite meal when you are getting lean?
Chicken, almonds, and asparagus. 

What’s your favorite cheat meal?
Meat lovers pizza from Mellow Mushroom. 

What are your goals in the fitness industry? 
I want to become an IFBB pro and promote the sport of bodybuilding and its lifestyle. 

If you win the M&F Model Search, what would that mean and what would you do with the title?
If I won the M&F Model Search, it would be my personal biggest achievement. It would push me further to present a good example to others.

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