As if you didn’t already know, sex makes for one hell of a workout. It burns batches of calories, works a variety of muscles and releases a boatload of feel-good, endorphins. It therefore goes without saying that sex (with another person) can only enhance one’s level of fitness. So it’s kind of ironic that PornHub – a site largely responsible for sedentary, do-it-yourself sex, has now released BangFit, an online game that actually encourages its users to get active…with someone else. 

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BangFit basically calls upon users to attach their smartphones to their bodies as they go at it. The more effort that’s made the more points that are racked up, and the more calories burned. It’s truly a win-win.

As told to Mashable, “BangFit was designed after exhaustive research through the thousands of sexercise studies/articles, consulting with health and fitness experts and professionals (including personal trainers) and cross referencing that with anecdotal evidence on what are the most fun sex positions.” The program’s creators see sex as one of the few physical activities people never tire of, and wanted to parlay the pleasing act into a fitness game that helps build muscle and burn fat.