The 8 Greatest YouTube Fitness Accounts

Need a rest day recommendation? These gym sensations inform, entertain and motivate.



Everybody goes through the ups and downs of motivation. Luckily, YouTube is chock-full of motivational personalities – from the intensely intimidating to the downright hilarious – guaranteed to get your drive back on track, and full-steam ahead. Here are some of our favorites.

No. 8: Kai Greene

His physical presence notwithstanding, The Predator is also a bit of a philosopher when it comes to lifting. Specifically, he preaches the “mind-muscle connection”, which he claims is the number one factor in successful training. In practicing this technique, your mind and muscles synch up to stimulate one another, which can positively affect your body during posing. If your game has hit a plateau, hearing Greene’s words might be just the spot you’re looking for to hit the next level. 

No. 7: Andreia Brazier

She’s more ripped than Hulk Hogan’s t-shirts, and she preaches an “eat clean, train dirty” philosophy featuring high protein and a regimented carb structure leading up to competition. The 2013 WBFF World Champion’s YouTube motivational videos look more like a superhero montage, and her no-nonsense approach to training will definitely spark you.

No. 6: Kali Muscle

Let’s review Kali Muscle’s resume: bodybuilder, motivational speaker, actor, author, philosopher, ex-con, gang leader…and inspiration. By blazing a trail from humble beginnings to fitness icon, Mr. Muscle’s road has been full of potholes. While we don’t advise the prison workout – which Kali credits with much of his physique – we can certainly advocate listening to him for a good kick in the ass.

No. 5: BroScience

It’s hard to lack energy when you’re laughing hysterically. Enter BroScience – the work of Mike Tornabene (and his alter ego Dom Mazzetti), a self-styled “bro” with a vast love of fitness, and an infectious sense of humor. By lampooning the “bro culture” often associated with monster lifters, Mazzetti (and his nearly 1.5 million subscribers) let you in on the joke, while inspiring you to work out.

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