Tired of bobbing and weaving from life’s recent haymakers? Deliver the perfect counterpunch to recent workout dilemmas by creating your own home boxing gym.

COVID-19 hasn’t changed the way we throw a jab, it’s only relocated where that punch lands. For many Americans, the sweet spot for practicing the sweet science has shifted from the gym to the living room. Since the coronavirus pandemic forced many fitness centers to close, gym product sales soared, reaching more than $2 billion last year.

With home gyms here to stay, everyone discovered there’s more than one way to Rumble, including its co-founder Noah Neiman. The celebrity fitness instructor’s original pugilism premise—punch things to a hip-hop beat with a group of “dope” people—needed a social-distancing alternative, after coronavirus temporarily made it “fight over” for its 13 nationwide locations.

In came Rumble TV, the at-home alternative to Neiman’s groundbreaking chain of boxing boutique clubs. From your phone or laptop you can both hit and HIIT like you did prepandemic—just without the sweaty, after-class high-fives.

“Now with Rumble TV, we box, lift weights, do conditioning work, get our cardio in, listen to insanely fresh curated playlists, and do it all with a wide variety of incredible people across the country that make Rumble what it is,” Neiman says. “RumbleTV is for the people, because we wouldn’t be here without them!”

Boxing has always been the ultimate full-body workout, whether you adhere to John L Sullivan’s 19th century style of bare-knuckle basics or require Megan Thee Stallion beats to unleash your inner Tyson. Each jab, hook, and uppercut helps builds arm strength, as well as gets the heart pumping for a great aerobic workout. That 1-2 combo helps lowers risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, even diabetes. It even adds in improving hand-eye coordination.

Did we mention you get to hit things?

So whether you’re a morning person who wake up early to get their workout in or need to quickly go from the home office to the home gym for a quick hit, Neiman offers a few suggestions to get started. In addition to RumbleTV (you can get a seven-day free trial, including a punch tutorial from Neiman), we added some ideas to help you land the perfect knockout blow to your boxing workouts at home. The rest is up to you.

“Boxing is a SKILL, and like any other skill, what’s watered will grow,” Neiman says. “You can commit as little, or as much as you want into developing the skill. It’s one of the hardest skills I’ve ever trained; and with that comes a sense of accomplishment and humility after a great boxing workout. Who couldn’t use more of those two things!”

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