At Muscle & Fitness we’re always on the lookout for cool new workout equipment to maximize your training results. So when we came across the Free Weight Spotter, we had to take a closer look. Unlike your standard weightlifting machines, The Olympic Free Weight Spotter is a specially designed Olympic weightlifting rack with a reverse gravity chain system built into it. Utilizing negative gravity, this system suspends the weights just above your body, providing an uninhibited free range of motion for all barbell and dumbbell exercises while preventing body contact. If you were to let go of the weights at any point during your workout, the heavy-duty, 80 alloy chains would prevent them from dropping on you.

The Olympic Free Weight Spotter also eliminates wasted time, energy and strength lugging dumbbells throughout the gym. Dumbbells are always suspended at a hands reach for easy access while you’re positioned on the bench, including when loading plates onto the dumbbell handle. This produces less fatigue allowing dumbbell press exercises to be performed at the highest possible power output, while preventing injuries that are associated with maneuvering these heavy weights into position. The Olympic Free Weight Spotter Olympic Rack also eliminates the need for a spotter.

There are many products on the market today that claim to be made in the USA.  Although they may have been constructed here, many or all of the parts they contain are not American made, resulting in lower quality products and fewer American jobs. The Olympic Free Weight Spotter is the only piece of mechanical equipment anywhere that is 100% American made—parts and all.  

During The Olympic Free Weight Spotter development, various workouts had been performed hundreds of times by many different weightlifters of all age groups and body types to test its design. The results were a rack that provides efficiency, versatility and the ultimate in safety for all weightlifters.

The Olympic Free Weight Spotter is an extremely strong and durable hand crafted piece of equipment that has a modern industrial design and offers adjustable dumbbell and barbell settings. From barbell squats to traditional flat bench dumbbell presses, the Olympic Free Weight Spotter will make your workouts safer and more effective. Check out the video below to see The Olympic Free Weight Spotter in action.