After more than eighty years of business, Sports Authority is shuttering its more than 450 store locations across the United States. According to the LA Times, the chain was unable to secure a buyer after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this past March. The retail giant was one of the largest sporting goods stores in the country, owning stores in 41 states and Puerto Rico. According to reports, liquidation sales are set to start up this Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s a few items we’re hoping will be up for grabs.

5. Cold Weather Gear

5 Tips for Cold Weather Training

Think about it, everybody is going to head straight toward the shorts and t-shirts. Now’s the perfect time to stock up on some already-reduced-price thermal gear. You’ll be the warmest, best dressed person this fall. You can thank us later.

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4. TRX Suspension Trainer

Trx trainer

We love the TRX but let’s face it, the gear can be a bit pricey. For those of us who have never wanted to drop triple digits on a suspension trainer, now is the time to cash in.

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3. Dumbbell Sets

M&F 2015 Gift Guide: Fitness

If you see a BowFlex dumbbell set discounted anywhere, snatch it up quick! Most quality sets can range from $200-$300. As far as your at-home training regimen goes, it’s one of the better purchases you can make.

2. FitBit/General Gadgets


Smart watches, pedometers, you name it. There are tons of quality fitness devices out there that could give your routine a modern edge.

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1. High-End Underwear


Hear us out, you’ll never know how amazing a luxurious pair of top-tier Lululemon socks feel until you’ve trained in some. Now’s the chance to go crazy and buy those dry-fit boxer briefs you’ve been eyeing. Trust us, it’s worth it. 

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