If you’re a true gym rat, chances are good you’re sporting a killer physique that’s strong and muscular. It’s also likely that you’re putting a tremendous amount of wear and tear on your wheels; more specifically, your knees. At some point, all that pressure from those squats and lunges can have a devastating effect on the body part you heavily rely on to carry the load.

To improve the shelf life of your knees and their surrounding joints, tendons, and ligaments, you’d be wise to give them extra support when heavy stress is placed on them during that ultimate leg-training workout. When properly used, the sleeves offer the perfect assistance to your hard-working knees when they need it most. “How so?” you ask

Muscle & Fitness is here to explain:

First off, knee sleeves help to warm up the knee joint and improve blood circulation to your ligaments and tendons. This increases the longevity and improves the overall health of your knee joints, delaying the toll repetitive heavy squats, leg presses, and the like will take on your joints.

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Before you run to the nearest sporting goods store, keep in mind not all knee sleeves are created equal. To be effective, your knee sleeves need to provide ample compression, support and warmth, which is why it’s imperative to go with a quality product that’s the correct size for your leg.

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Unbroken Designs Knee Sleeves rank at the top of the list when it comes to satisfying these essential requirements. Each sleeve is 5 millimeters thick, made from high-quality neoprene with durable stitching to prevent daily damage, and provide that crucial knee support lift after lift.

Founded by CrossFit athletes, Unbroken Designs has been tested in competition, so you can be confident that design and fit has been made with serious lifters in mind. Their sleeve design hugs your quad and tapers down to hug the calf. The sleeves should fit snugly over your knees, but it shouldn’t feel restrictive.

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So who should use knee sleeves? Primarily, anyone with weakness in the knee joints. In addition, older lifters would benefit from the extra support, as well as those who make it their mission to move heavy-ass weight on a regular basis. Why risk the health of your most vital body part when it comes to lower body lifts? Wrap those bad boys up with a high-quality, supportive knee sleeve that will help you go the distance for a rewarding workout experience—today, and years down the road.

Founded and funded by CrossFit athletes, Unbroken Designs strives to push the envelope in fusing fashion with fitness. To learn more and check out their full range of products, head to www.unbrokendesigns.com.