This week, UFC struck a ground breaking collaboration with PRIME, a sports drink conceived by social media sensations Logan Paul and KSI. But what does the Prime deal offer and what does this beverage have to offer that others don’t? And what does this deal mean for the future presentation of the world’s premier mixed martial arts promotion?

In a multi-year partnership, Prime has been named as the new “official global sports drink of UFC” and will continue Logan Paul and KSI’s global disruption of the beverage retail industry. The drink, launched just last year, has already penetrated markets that Gatorade and Bodyarmor are yet to break, leading to a frenzy of demand from the UK to Iceland. Overall, Prime is reportedly on pace to exceed a cool billion in sales by the end of 2023.

What is Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration drink?

Popular YouTubers-turned-athletes, Logan Paul and KSI have already made names for themselves in combat sports by throwing their hat into the “Influencer Boxing” ring. KSI’s boxing record stands at 4-0-0, while Paul has gone on to gain acclaim as a charismatic and highly-skilled performer in WWE. Now partners rather than opponents, these two have sold more than 100 million bottles of Prime in the USA alone, but what is it?

Prime’s website sales blurb says that it was developed to “fill the void where great taste meets function” and is touted as a hydration drink on the bottles’ bold labelling. The original Prime contains 10% coconut water, 250mg of BCAA’s for the recovery of muscles, 825g of electrolytes, various antioxidants, and vitamin B. While the Prime Energy iteration also contains caffeine, the original Hydration version does not. Prime Hydration contains just 2g of sugar when compared to Gatorade’s sports drink, and contains more than double the number of electrolytes while weighing-in at only 25kcal against Gatorade’s 140kcal. Still, Prime does contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives, but thanks to the boys’ global popularity, attention grabbing packaging, and wide range of flavours, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the drink has been a particular hit amongst school aged children. Demand for stock has been so great at times, that empty bottles have been selling on eBay for multiple times the recommended retail price. Primeis a cool, lifestyle brand as opposed to a stereotypical sports drink,” said a rep. (embed)

When will the UFC & Prime deal debut?

WWE viewers will note than Logan Paul has already carried a bottle of Prime to the ring, most notably at the company’s Royal Rumble event several days ago. Prime’s participation in UFC will begin with the run-up to the UFC 284: Makhchev vs. Volkanovski pay-per-view scheduled for February 12. Before the event even takes place, PRIME will become the presenting sponsor for this and future weigh-in sessions. PRIME’s vibrant branding will also be seen across future UFC PPV’s and Fight Nights in a deal said to be further reaching than the MMA promotion’s previous agreement with Bodyarmor.

What does the Prime deal mean for UFC, its athletes, and fans?

Additionally to the Prime deal is the announcement that it becomes the official sponsor of the UFC Performance Institute, meaning that athletes of all levels will be able to get their hands on a bottle of Prime at the institute’s hydration stations during training sessions. Dana White’s “Contender” series, and “The Ultimate Fighter” are also part of the deal, meaning that wherever there is a UFC hopeful, you are likely to see a bottle of the beverage. A similar partnership is already ongoing with Premier League football club; Arsenal, and KSI’s boxing PPV’s on DAZN.

“We’re excited to name Prime the Official Sports Drink of UFC and an official partner of the UFC Performance Institute,” said UFC President Dana White in a statement. “Logan and KSI have worked hard to build Prime into the best-tasting, hottest sports drink on the market. With their massive social media following and UFC’s global reach, we’re going to get the Prime brand in front of hundreds of millions of fans all over the world. Whether you’re a professional athlete or if you just love working out, Prime should be your first choice for a go-to sports drink.”

Of course, the publicity generated by this new alliance works both ways. KSI and Logan Paul, with their millions of social media subscribers, will be able to introduce a new and potentially younger audience to UFC broadcasts, making this a reciprocatively beneficial deal that will not only ensure the growth of the drink, but perhaps also UFC’s long-term popularity and stability. UFC, Logan Paul, and KSI will also collaborate on new content distributed through their immensely popular social media channels. Collectively they can reach nearly 400 million social media followers worldwide, providing them with new engagement opportunities with their passionate fans.

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