The December issue of Muscle & Fitness features the workout tips, muscle-building recipes, and motivation you need to overhaul your physique this winter.

From new exercises that build sleeve-busting arms, to pro tips for building total-body symmetry like our cover star and Men’s Classic Physique Olympia runner-up, Chris Bumstead, it’s all in the pages of this month’s M&F. In this issue, we also reflect on this past year’s fitness highlights, from the 2018 Olympic Games to September’s Olympia.

Once you’re feeling good and motivated, turn to any of our workout routines to start working toward your goals. Whether you’re looking for workouts you can do outside of the gym or powerlifting-style programs that require some serious iron, we guarantee you’ll find something that piques your interest. Plus, you’ll get the recipes and nutrition know-how to accompany your hard work in the gym.

And since Muscle & Fitness also incorporates FLEX, you’ll find even more training and diet tips to help you make serious gains in the gym. In this issue, Hall of Fame bodybuilder and Olympia webcast commentator Shawn Ray gives his final thoughts on the 2018 Mr. Olympia competition. Plus, get the advanced tweaks you can make to your workouts for more size and strength.

For the latest training methods, no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, we’ve got it all right here in Muscle & Fitness and FLEX.