Get the May Issue of 'Muscle & Fitness' on Newsstands Now

Former WWE superstar and current movie star Dave Bautista is crushing it at the box office and in the gym, and we've got his exclusive chest workout.

Get the May Issue of 'Muscle & Fitness' on Newsstands Now

In the May issue of Muscle & Fitness, we get up close and personal with former WWE Heavyweight and current Hollywood heavyweight Dave Bautista. The big man, perhaps best known for his role as Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy flicks, opens up about stealing cars, building confidence in the gym, and gunning for acting street cred. Along with Bautista's inspiring and candid story, you'll also get his chest workout, diet tips and words of wisdom for building your own blockbuster body.

Looking to add more size up top? We've got the six-week program, specifically designed to add two inches to your chest. And to complement those newly built monster pecs, be sure to check out the triceps-targeted routine for crafting bigger, stronger guns. Top it off with the perfect plan to chisel the ultimate V-taper and you'll be sporting a head-turning physique that demands respect by the time you hit the beach this summer. 

And if you're like most M&Fers who are always up for a tough challenge with the iron, this month's issue has one with your name all over it. It's called the 100,000-Pound Challenge, and it's sure to test your limits throughout the brutal, one-week duration. See if you've got what it takes to complete the mission. And to be sure you're properly fueled for the rigors of all these intense sessions with the weights, we're serving up the smartest and most affordable ways to get the world’s greatest lean protein into your diet. You'll also get expert tips and wholesome recipes to take your meal-prep game to the next level. 

So dig into the May issue for a feast of valuable info to help you carve out a killer physique for warm-weather display. You’ll find all the motivation, tips, and advice you need to get bigger, leaner, stronger, and feeling your best. Don't miss the May issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands today!

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