The November issue of Muscle & Fitness has all of the workout tips, muscle-building recipes, and motivation you need to stay in shape as the temperature starts to drop.

To whet your appetite for the November 21 release of Creed II, we’ve got an in-depth feature with Dolph Lundgren, who is returning to his iconic role of Ivan Drago for the blockbuster sequel. Find out how the Rocky franchise veteran stays in top shape at the age of 60.

This issue also features a look at testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). It’s a treatment that many men are turning to for more energy, bigger gains in the gym, and a healthier sex life—but there’s a lot you need to know before you even consider trying it out.

You can also raise your braise game in this issue with a collection of meaty, protein-packed meals designed to pack on the muscle and electrify your taste buds.

And since Muscle & Fitness also incorporates FLEX, you’ll find even more workout and diet tips to help you make serious gains in the gym. This issue features a comprehensive review of the 2018 Mr. Olympia competition, complete with a rundown of all the winners and some burning questions leading into 2019.

For the latest training methods, no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, we’ve got it all right here in Muscle & Fitness and FLEX.