With some 9 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, Simeon Panda is one of the most recognized bodybuilders on earth—without ever winning a contest or stepping foot on an IFBB stage.  

In this month’s issue of Muscle & Fitness, Panda shares the secrets to his skyrocketing social media success, which helped him earn the seventh spot on Forbes’ list of most influential stars in the world. Along with his formula for connecting with fellow fitness enthusiasts, the 6’1″, 215-lb British bodybuilder also offers up his proven power-pecs workout for a bigger, stronger, more defined chest.  

Looking to add more plates to your lifts? Our Double Your Strength 64-day program will help you put double-digit numbers on all your main lifts for plateau-crushing results. The size and strength gains just keep coming, with a game day workout from the Gronk Brothers, a brutal 600-rep workout, and a quick fat-burning session that strings together exercises for rapid results. And for those who dread cardio, we’ve got an intense four-day program that’ll have you shedding fat in no time—no treadmill required.

The October issue also features top tips for staying in top shape into your 30s and beyond. So no matter your age, you’ll be able to continue making gains in the gym and taking on the tough workouts you’ll find each month in Muscle & Fitness, like this issue’s Level Up: Chest routine for greater pecs size.  

You’ll find all this as well as our regular training and nutrition columns to get you bigger, leaner, stronger, and feeling your best. Don’t miss the October issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands today!

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