In the October issue, you’ll get up close and personal with the extremely talented, fit and sexy Bella Twins. WWE’s most recognizable female superstars hit the gym for an exclusive M&F photo shoot before discussing what they have in store for the upcoming year, which includes the launch of their new E! show Total Bellas on October 5. Brie and Nikki Bella may be twins who share a passion for working out and winning, but each has their own unique style and approach to getting fit and taking on the competition. There’s a reason these two ladies bucked the trend and landed on the M&F cover. Find out why in this month’s issue of Muscle & Fitness.  

You’ll also find out how to continue building up your guns with the second half of #ARMageddon — Steve Weatherford’s, sleeve-tearing arm program. Don’t have time to make it to the gym? We’ve got you covered with a home workout to keep you ripped and strong all year long. And when you do hit the gym, be sure to check out our five-week, high volume program to bust through training plateaus for greater gains this fall.  

Speaking of fall, you’ll discover a feast of healthy, high-protein recipes, tailor made for the autumn season, including some of our favorite dishes from longtime contributor and celebrity chef Robert Irvine. We’ll also provide you with the top foods to build muscle, fight cancer, and have better sex. The menu doesn’t get much more appetizing than that. 

All this as well as our regular training and nutrition columns. You won’t find a better way to get the information and inspiration you need to head into Fall with the right mindset and tools to succeed in your muscle-building, and body-chiseling goals. Don’t miss the October issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands now!

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