Even by today’s standards, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arms were, at their peak, impressive. With arms stretching the tape to nearly two feet, they were his one- two knockout punches in his seven Mr. Olympia victories, punctuating a physique that was also, head to toe, ahead of its time.

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Speaking of peak, his biceps had plenty—his right one in particular, which he cannily displayed more often than his left. His triceps, while perhaps slightly less imposing than his biceps, showed a remarkably full horseshoe when at his sides and in his signature side- arm pose. Sometimes maligned for his forearm development, Arnold’s lower arm limbs actually complemented his uppers perfectly, and while they may not have impressed in repose, they jumped to life when he hit his biceps shots, seeming to double in thickness and vascularity.

Over the past five decades, the question has been asked: “How can I get my arms to look like Arnold’s?” In short, you can’t. Just as you were born with your own unique set of genetic attributes, so was Arnold, and among his was the DNA for a stunning set of pipes. But you can follow the routine that he used to get his up to 22 inches in our May issue of Muscle & Fitness on stands now!