Kabuki; the leading designer and manufacturer of biochemically sound, speciality barbells has announced that it is once again getting in the gym with Rogue Fitness, this time for additional support to meet the demand of its insanely popular Kadillac Bar.

Rogue Fitness, the biggest strength and conditioning equipment manufacturer on the planet, will soon start a new production line for the Kadillac Bar, in its state-of-the-art metal fabrication facility located in Columbus, OH. Kabuki Strength will also continue manufacture and distribution of the trusty gym tool from its premises in the Pacific Northwest.

The Kadillac Bar can be used much like a traditional barbell for exercises such as the bench press, or overhead press, but it’s success is owed in large part to the fact that the Kadillac has 3 grip angles (14”, 21” and 29”) and a cambered center that allows for additional ranges of motion. The Kadilliac is slimmer than traditional multi-grip bars and has a 16.75” loadable sleeve length, making it the longest sleeve in the industry. Unlike many other speciality bars, the Kadillac will work with any Olympic sized collar, and it is durable and rackable too.

Kabuki’s partnership with Rogue Fitness will have a positive effect on price, since the new manufacturing and distribution deal will result in reduced shipping cost for many customers. European and Australian shipping will also become a reality. The deal follows the success of Kabuki and Rogue Fitness’s recent collaborations around the Duffalo Bar, ShouldeRok, and IASTM tools.

“Our partnership with Rogue Fitness signifies an exciting evolution in our expanding relationship,” said Rudy Kadlub, CEO of Kabuki Strength. “Kabuki’s Kadillac Bar is one of our most sought-after products and we’ll now be able to meet the continued demand through the support of a trusted partner that places the same value on innovation and customer experience as we do. We look forward to working together on future projects and products.”

The Kadilliac Bar has received rave reviews thanks to the way it promotes optimal joint positioning and movement mechanics. It is used in training facilities belonging to organizations including the NFL, NBA and MLB, and has become a gym staple

since it was brought to market just over 5 years ago.

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Founder of Kabuki Strength using a kadillac bar to bench press

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