Right now, Brandon Curry is preparing to compete in his 10th Mr. Olympia contest. The 15th man to hold bodybuilding’s world championship isn’t one to create controversy. The 2019 Olympia winner goes about his business, supports his family, and enjoys his life in both Tennessee and Kuwait when he’s in prep mode. The 15-year pro is enjoying all of it as it comes, and he even had a little fun while chatting with M&F during a recent conversation.

Can you compare the first Olympia to this one in November, which will be your 10th?

The first one (2011), I was just trying to take it all in. I was just enjoying the experience, anticipating what was going to go down because I didn’t know what to expect. I was just happy to be there, learning the ropes, watching, observing, and I hoped I would do well. Now, I’m much more comfortable, I know what to expect, and I expect to do well. I’m much more mature now, but it’s still the big show, and I’m still going to try and bring my best.

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When the contest is done, what will be the first big cheat meal you get to enjoy?

I really don’t have any favorites, so whatever is the closest thing around, that will be what I have. If they have pizza or burgers backstage, that will be the first go-to. After that, it will be whatever the family wants to have. That may be fried foods to something sweet.

There are 17 Mr. Olympia winners, counting you. You’ve competed against six of them. If you could stand side-by-side against one you haven’t faced before, who would it be?

I think it would be Dorian (Yates) because that would be interesting, and it would be good to see versus me in 2019.

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Chris Nicoll

Which one of your four children would be most likely to follow in your footsteps and compete as a bodybuilder?

That would be Marvelous, my middle son. He knows way more about bodybuilding than I thought he was paying attention to. He even got onstage and posed at one of Dexter (Jackson’s) shows. When he’s in the gym, he’s got the greatest muscle control for someone that didn’t have that much training experience.

Beyond the stage, do you have any athletic talent that fans may not know about?

I used to do gymnastics when I was a kid, and I could still do flips onstage at my shows. I could probably still do one now, but I had a heel fracture doing one, and that put that to an end. I didn’t want to chance doing that again, so I stopped (laughs).

Brandon Curry workout
Chris Nicoll

What’s your favorite bodypart to train, and what are some of your preferred movements?

That is a tough one because I love to train, period, but I will say back because of all the angles and muscles that can be worked. I enjoy the challenge because you can’t see them working. As for exercises, pullups are great for shoulder health, and I love rows. If I had to pick one, I’d go with chest supported rows. I can get a deeper stretch since I am against the chest pad.

Do you have a favorite post-workout shake recipe?

I’m actually pretty simple. I will mix a fruity flavored whey isolate with guava juice when I’m traveling, and that is actually what I have now. Scitec Nutrition also makes True Mass Hardcore, and they have a White Chocolate flavor. Those are the two I go with the most.

Got any secrets about training in Kuwait or give the fans some insight on what it is like out there?

I think everyone is under the impression that there is only one Oxygen Gym. It’s a small country, but I think there are seven different locations. Some people will tell me they just left Oxygen Gym, and I ask them which one.

Your fans know that you’re part owner of a couple of Carbon Culture gym locations. What was the biggest surprise that came with entering that component of the industry?

Something that people may not think about is how much effort it takes to maintain everything. The costs, the time, what it takes to fix something when it goes down. That part may have been the biggest eye opener for me.

Besides as one of 17 men that can call himself Mr. Olympia, how do you want fans to remember you when you decide to call it a career?

I just want to be remembered as a guy that found his talent in bodybuilding, made the most of it, and found a way to inspire and help others. Hopefully they know me as a guy that balanced life, family, and bodybuilding in a positive way.

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