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The 2012 Masters Olympia pre-judging did not disappoint. The show is a great way to end the bodybuilding season – the white sands, warm beaches and mild weather are enticing enough to draw 30 IFBB Professional Men bodybuilders as well as avid fans seeking out heroes from past and present.

Mr Olympia Phil Heath and former Mr Olympias Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman were in town along with a plethora of others.

But enough about the scenery.

Most of the competitors came in on point. Big Sean Allen, Michael Kefalianos, a perpetually overlooked Ronny Rockel, Drew Jemmott, Troy Alves and Constantinos Demetriou came in huge, ripped and ready to rock.  Troy Alves was so shredded, you'd bleed if you touched him. But as is often the case, extreme conditioning often sacrifices mass. In the judges eyes they still did not surpass the four men that were in the first callout: former Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson, Toney Freeman, Ed Nunn and the legendary Dennis James.

First Callout:
Dexter Jackson
Ed Nunn
Toney Freeman
Dennis James

Dennis James did not disappoint. Huge and detailed, he came in large but also a little on the flat side. Toney Freeman, always impressive in person or in pictures, showed the wear and tear of competing a multitude of times throughout the year and held a bit of water. Freeman's lower back and legs took the toll and, as such, will prevent him from placing first in the show. My personal favorite, Indiana native Ed Nunn, came in shredded, with his tiny joints and huge round muscle bellies. Every time this guy competes, his legs improve. He's also polished his posing allowing him to properly display an awesome back double bicep. Striated triceps, crazy biceps and overall a complete package will land him in the first runner up spot. Your probable winner, Dexter Jackson, came in the best shape since claiming the Mr Olympia victory.

We're looking forward to the night show. Can't wait to see how the results turn out!

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IFBB 2012 Masters Olympia

IFBB 2012 Masters Olympia