Las Vegas, NV, is most famous in bodybuilding circles as the home to Jay Cutler, but now another Olympia winner is making his mark.

James “Flex” Lewis is best known as the seven-time Olympia 212 Champion, but the superstar from Wales is making waves in the business of bodybuilding as well. If you need evidence of that, look no further than the “Dragon’s Lair,” the private gym that he once held in Florida. That gym has now moved, along with Lewis and his family, to Las Vegas.

The owner went so far as to offer his fans a sneak peek into his gym, courtesy of YouTube. Lewis shared an update at the start of the video while enjoying a meal.

“It’s coming. Every time I walk in here in the morning, which these guys (his crew) get here early, they get cranking. They’ve done so much. There’s so much going on. I love it. I’m just blown away by my vision now coming to reality.”

Like the Florida location, the walls will have various art and graffiti while the floor will be swarmed with a variety of equipment to help members target every bodypart from numerous angles. General manager Justin Dees walked the floor showing off over 100 pieces of various machines, that even have custom dragon scale coating themes on them. The machines and training areas are even broken down into body parts. Among the biggest features that Dees was proud of was the plate loaded machines.

“Some gyms have one or two pieces of Arsenal plate-loaded equipment. We have every single machine that Arsenal makes!”

Lewis also announced that pre-sales on memberships are available. He is among the latest of a string of notable people in the bodybuilding and fitness world to relocate to “Sin City.” The new gym will likely be where he prepares for his return to the Olympia stage this October, except he will debut in the Open division to face reigning Mr. Olympia Mamdouh Elssbiay, former champion Brandon Curry, and the rest of the qualified big boys vying for the top title in the sport.

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