Men’s, Figure, and Bikini galleries

April 29, 2011


The Europa Show of Champions pre-judging provided no definite winner and made for a wide open finals tomorrow afternoon. With only 14 men in the competition, it wasn’t the biggest show, but it was close. No one showed up at his best and that made for a final call-out that included 7 guys! 2009 National Champion and pre-show favorite Cederic McMillan looked to have missed his peak, but his huge frame and tiny waist kept him in the mix for first. The top challenger might be Marcus Haley, who has some great front poses, but fades from the back.

Also in the mix is big Eugene Mishin, who was granite hard as always. Another guy battling it out for an Olympia qualification is Mike Liberatore, who hit the stage crisp and dry, but faded and flattened during the judging. Also worthy of note is Lee Banks, who made the first call out in his pro-debut; and ;little known Khalid Almohsinawi who showed beautiful proportions and tons of potential!

The finals count for 50% of the judging, so this contest will come down to who makes the best adjustments and most improvement in 24 hours. It’s going to be fun to see who steps up!

The pro figure contest is a battle between Cheryl Brown and Candice Keene. Brown has a tiny waist and great proportions, while Keene has a bigger more sweeping and symmetrical figure. Pro bikini also came down to two women: Jaime Baird and Nathalia Melo. Both ladies have very different physiques and both presented with beauty and poise. It might come down to who works the stage harder on Saturday!