Helle Trevino is a two-time bodybuilding world champion (having won the Rising Phoenix World Championship in 2017 and 2019) and an icon in the women’s bodybuilding world — so it’s no surprise that men and women fans flocked to the Mr. Olympia Instagram page on June 5 to get some advice from the Danish superstar.

Trevino took part in the Olympia’s Home Gym Series, in which the world’s top strength and bodybuilding athletes take over the O’s Instagram page and give fans a behind-the-scenes look of their nutrition and training regimens.

Right now, Trevino is preparing for the 2020 Rising Phoenix World Championship (hoping to secure a second consecutive win and third overall) and the return of the Ms. Olympia competition at the 2020 Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend in December.

“I’ve been at it since about 28 weeks out [from the Rising Phoenix],” Trevino says in her Q&A, which you can watch below. “I like to do longer preps just to have the time and not to rush.”

She took questions on a number of topics, ranging from what types of protein she likes to eat to how much she benches.

“It takes time to get disciplined”

Asked about the tricks to mastering a diet, Trevino says the key for any athlete — or person trying to lose or gain weight — is discipline. “Discipline is something I believe can be learned,” she says. “It takes time to get disciplined, but I believe everyone can learn it.”

This includes learning to snack less (or not at all), setting reminders for yourself to eat at certain times, and sticking to a meal plan. “You can have that diet plan and then you need that discipline.”

You also need to remind yourself of what you’re training for, and why you set off on that mission in the first place. “Try to remember why you really want to do this,” Trevino says. “Why do you want to lose weight or gain weight? Remember your goal.”

Diet and Training

Unlike some unlucky athletes, Trevino hasn’t had to alter her diet or training routine during the Covid-19 pandemic. On eating, she says she sticks to the same basic meal prep during prep and the off-season.

“I cook a big box of rice, big box of veggies and a lot of chicken,” she says. “Instead of cooking one chicken breast every single meal, I cook 10 and have enough for 3 or 4 days.”

When it comes to training, she lifts weights for two hours six days a week no matter what time of the year — during the off-season she’ll do a little more cardio than she would during contest prep.

She was also asked one of the most stereotypical questions: “How much ya bench?”

“I don’t do much barbell bench,” Trevino replied. “I do a lot of dumbbell bench because I feel it’s not so hard on my shoulders … the other day was chest day and I did 75-pound dumbbells in each hand for 10 reps. Incline.”

“My belly’s too big.”

One audience member said their “belly’s too big” and asked Trevino for some quick diet advice.

“Keep your carbs low,” she answered. “Belly fat is usually too much sugar, too much fats, too much sweets. Cut out all the sweets. Of course you can have your favorite meal once in a while, maybe once a week but the other six days you must be disciplined.”

Dealing with Haters

The champion bodybuilder certainly doesn’t have the stereotypical female physique, and with that comes some hateful comments from people on social media. Asked how she deals with those people, Trevino had a blunt response: “You learn with time to not give a fuck.”

“What are you doing on my profile if you don’t like how I look,” she continued. “What are you even doing here? That’s like a mystery to me. You don’t need to be here. This is my dream, this is my passion and I don’t give a fuck about your opinion.”

Favorite protein

The topic of protein was discussed — specifically Trevino’s favorite source of it. “Mainly chicken,” she replied. “Right now i’ll still have a sirloin steak a day. I feel like steak works really well with my body.”

“I don’t eat so much fish,” she continued. “I eat sushi for refeeds but my body works better on carbs and protein.”

Does she drink during contest prep?

No she does not.

“One gram of alcohol has 7 calories, so everything is calories when you diet,” she said. “I’m a two-time world champion and I’m really driven and I really want to win. I don’t leave anything to chance. “If I get too drunk I’m dead for the next two to three days.”

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