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Citing a debilitating injury, IFBB Pro and defending Olympia 212 Showdown Champion Kevin English has pulled out of the 2012 Olympia 212 Showdown.


This means that this year's Olympia 212 Showdown competition is wide open and within reach of former runners up James Flex Lewis and Jose Raymond. Chomping at the bit is David Henry, predicted by Dennis James as placing first or second. Henry is fresh and back at it after being deployed overseas in the Army.

James Flex Lewis, who took second to Kevin English at the 2011 Olympia 212 Showdown, is looking better than ever to be in that top 3. With continued guidance from Neil Hill, Lewis is looking bigger and more symmetrical than in 2011. He would have been a huge threat to Kevin English but can now use these hard earned gains to fight off everyone for the crown.

The point to all this is that THERE WILL BE A NEW OLYMPIA 212 SHOWDOWN CHAMP crowned at the 2012 Olympia Weekend. Question is: Who will it be?

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2012

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2012