Jay Cutler Update 7 Weeks from 2013 Mr Olympia

IFBB Pro and former Mr Olympia Jay Cutler is making one more run for the Olympia title after losing it to current Mr Olympia Phil Heath.

jay cutler mr olympia

If there ever was any doubt Jay Cutler was going to compete again, then the following pictures should erase any. Cutler is full steam going into the 2013 Mr Olympia leaving nothing to chance. Serious at times and light hearted in others, I'd venture to say this is the last time Jay Cutler is competing - regardless of his placement this year.

Jay travels only to Los Angeles and local to Las Vegas. Between workouts, massages and deep tissue therapy ie ART, Cutler is taking no chance of sabotaging his Olympia preparation.

Cutler battled for years with Ronnie Coleman and finally won his first Olympia in 2006 followed with a repeat win in 2007. Jay lost to Dexter Jackson in 2008 but fixed whatever was broken to regain his title in 2009 and repeat the win in 2010. In 2011, Jay was off by about 10% due to an arm injury and lost to a 100% on Phil Heath. Cutler took 2012 off and that's the period in which many though Jay Cutler would retire.

On the contrary, Jay is not only hitting his workouts, but he's also squeezing in cardio at 1am as well as eating all his meals.

There's no doubt this 2013 Mr Olympia will be one of the most exciting in years, and I personally am looking forward to it.

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