The 2013 Olympia 212 Showdown pre-judging is in the books and it lived up to the hype!  The first call-out was a battle between Flex Lewis, Kevin English, Jose Raymond, and David Henry.  The guys were repeatedly moved around by the judges and posed 3-4 times through the mandatories.    No clear winner was defined and its wide open heading into tonight's finals.  Here's what we saw on stage:

Sami Al Haddad: Sami has a great structure and shape, but he wasn’t as full as we’ve seen him in the past.

Troy Alves: Always conditioned and great upper body, but lacking development in the glutes & hams.

Allan Auguste: He’s got the size and shape, but didn’t dial it in today.

Guy Cisternino: This is not the dry and separated Guy we expect, but he was getting better and harder as he posed.

Eduardo Correa: Hard, dry, full.  No missing body parts, but his structure is lacking compared to some of the others.

Mark Dugdale: Great color and balance. The 212 division is perfect for his physique. 

Kevin English: He’s not as big as we’ve seen in the past, but he’s dry and conditioned.

David Henry: DH is back and he’s going to be in contention for the win.  Full, round, and conditioned.

Tricky Jackson: He’s got great symmetry and good shape but his condition could be better.

Raul Carrasco Jimenez: Needs to bring up his legs to match his big upper body.

Jose Raymond: He’s the shortest guy in the class and weighed the heaviest. His conditioning is on and his legs are massive.  He doesn't have the perfect shape, but he's got the size.

James “Flex” Lewis: Bigger then ever with great conditioning and his trademark striated glutes.  The reigning champ will be tough to defeat!

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2013

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2013