The Dallas Europa is a done deal and Shawn Rhoden is once again in the winners circle followed by Hidetada Yamagishi(2nd) , Toney Freeman(3rd), Roelly Winklaar(4th) and Ed Nunn(5th).

Rhoden brought the same package in Dallas he brought to Tampa. Exhibiting symmetry, condition and size he landed in the first place spot.

In a bit of a shocker, Hidetada Yamagishi landed in the runner up position landing one slot higher than he did last week at the PBW Weekly. Yamagishi dialed in his physique which showcased dryness and hardness. He also posed very masterfully onstage bringing back posing reminiscent of Lee Labrada.

Toney Freeman finished in third despite  maintaining his fullness and condition from the previous night. Freeman also exhibited a great posing routine that highlighted his x-frame and lines.

Roelly Winklaar landed in fourth and filled out a bit, but not enough to cover the ground he lost to the aforementioned gentlemen.

Ed Nunn rounded out the top five and much like Freeman, he has a large frame, but he could stand to fill out a bit more overall. Nunn didn't hold his condition as well as the rest of the top five, but didn't lose enough of it for him to land lower than fifth.

Freeman is already qualified for the Mr. Olympia by virtue of the point system that was set in place this year. However he will make his way to Finland in an attempt to snag a top spot a payday en route to the Olympia. He will be joined by Winklaar who will also make his way to Finland in a last ditch attempt to qualify for the rumble in Vegas.

Dallas was a barn burner and there is plenty more. Follow Flex Magazine and as we cover the IFBB North Americans as amateurs from Mexico, Canada and the United States attempt to gain professional status.

IFBB Europa Supershow Dallas 2012

IFBB Europa Supershow Dallas 2012