Virtual Posedown: Reg Park vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Virtual Posedown: Reg Park vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

By the time Arnold Schwarzenegger finally got the chance to stand onstage beside his idol, REG PARK, at the 1970 NABBA Universe, Park was 42 and coming off a five-year retirement. Schwarzenegger was 23 and just beginning to fulfill his incredible potential.

Schwarzenegger would win the contest, with Park taking second, yet The Oak contends he did not so much defeat his hero as rise up to stand at his level. Since that day, speculation has abounded as to what a poseoff between the two legends might have looked like, had they been closer in age and nearer to their respective peaks. Well, wonder no more.

In this virtual posedown, the great Reg Park is a mere lad of 21, give or take, while Schwarzenegger is the more mature man of 26. Taking into account the differing standards in conditioning between 1953 and 1973, which man would get your vote?

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