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Women’s Bodybuilding

The 2012 Chicago Pro witnessed the return of several competitors whom we haven’t seen in years. 3 of the top 5 were veterans who made their return to the stage. Tazzie Columb, sporting new blonde locks, was a bit scaled down from her former look, with great shoulders, a thick back and a nice tapered waste.

Emery Miller, the oldest competitor in the lineup, looked much improved over her last show, with amazing shoulders, a wide back and great shape. Helle Nielsen, the “Danish Dynamite”, brought her trademarked striated, separated otherworldly quads along with striated glutes.

Others in the top  5 included Michelle Cummings, a smaller competitor with a tight package and awesome hamstrings as well as Lenda Murray-lookalike Monique Jones, who clearly increased her cup size but also brought her X-shaped frame in top shape, with a wider, thicker back.

The top spot will be a battle between Monique and Helle.

The rest of the lineup was stacked. Another blast from the past competitor was Nancy Lewis, who brought dry legs and a tiny waist. Sherry Smith hasn’t competed in years – she too sported blonde hair but her color was a bit light and she was a little soft all over, despite an overall good shape.

Brit Wendy McCready had the best legs of the show after Helle, but her upper body just didn’t match the size or conditioning of her lower body.

A few competitors towards the bottom made us wonder “why?”, as in why even show up if you can’t make the effort to diet. But tonight should be a good battle between Monique and Helle for the top spot.


Women’s Physique

The criteria for women’s physique is becoming clearer as we see who is called out for the top 5 in the shows this year. The top 5 today all looked outstanding. Tamee Marie from Nebraska had a tiny waist and extraordinary V taper.

Jennifer Robinson was a bit soft compared to the others in the first callout. The two dueling it out tonight will be Nola Trimble and Mikaila Soto, both local Chicago ladies with very different physiques. Mikaila had a great overall look and carved abs, and a sassy presentation on stage.

Nola has some great shoulders as well as chiselsed abs but posing could use a little work. It will be close between them.

A blast from the past in this category was Brazilian Monica Martin, whom we haven’t seen in years since her bodybuilding days. Her trimmed down physique looked great, but she could use a little more size it the shoulders.