9 Bodybuilding Blunders

Once you pump the final rep, your job is not complete. Here's a list of what NOT to do right after your workout.


Chris Lund

You got your eight hours of sleep. You consumed all your meals on time. You took your favorite pre-training supplement about 45 minutes before hitting the gym, and you were all hyped and ready to go the second you took hold of the first dumbbell. The workout was insane! You crushed the weights. Your mind-muscle connection was spot on. Every fiber was thrashed!

Now what?

It is vital to remember that pumping the iron with ferocious intensity will only set the stage and create the potential for growth. Actually manifesting new muscle will require the perfect step-by-step post-workout plan, or everything you did before will go to waste. Please, don’t make the following mistakes once you finish the  final rep, or you will end up just like a gerbil running on a wheel—going absolutely nowhere.


Once the workout is complete you should forcefully stretch the muscles that were just targeted. For example, after training the chest, grab a pair of moderately heavy dumbbells and hold the bottom position of a ye for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat this process two or three more times. This will help them recover more quickly and keep you more limber, but it has also been proved to ignite anabolism.

Chris Nicoll


There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing a moderate amount of cardio (25 to 35 minutes maximum) after your weight training, since it will cool you down while burning off a little extra body fat. But it should not be excessive, or you will severely hamper the physiological and hormonal mechanisms that lead to muscular hypertrophy. If your overall program calls for large amounts of cardio, it would be best to separate it from your weight-training workout by a good five to six hours. This will keep cardio from stepping on your anabolic toes.


When it comes to making progress, there is nothing more important than proper diet and training. But a scientifically validated, well-timed supplement program will certainly hasten the process. So if gaining muscle and losing fat are high on your priority list, then make sure to take advantage of such proven post-workout supplements as creatine, leucine, LCLT, taurine, betaine, and beta-alanine. By consuming an efficacious dose of each immediately after training, you will help make sure that not a single rep or set goes to waste.


Recent research regarding muscular hypertrophy has shown that suppressing free radical formation and blocking the natural inflammatory response (which occurs from lifting weights) by using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ice therapy, and certain powerful antioxidants actually interferes with anabolic mechanisms, which result in muscle growth. So unless you have injured yourself, allow the soreness and stiffness to settle in, knowing full well that your muscles are just working on getting bigger.


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