The dumbbell doesn’t get enough credit next to its more popular relative, the barbell. But dumbbell training has many advantages over barbell training.

Case in point, the great Benjamin Franklin in letters to his son wrote, “I live temperately, drink no wine, and use daily the exercise of the dumbbell.” While he was known more for his intellectual pursuits than his physique, he was a smart man and we’ll happily abide. 

Serious strength and mass goals can be achieved by training with dumbbells. We will even say that to fully maximize strength and hypertrophy, dumbbell training must play at least a partial role in your training regimen. Let’s take a look at seven advantages training with dumbbells has over everyone’s reigning favorite, the almighty barbell.

Grab a pair of dumbbells and take advantage of these benefits today. 

Back to the Basics for Greater Size and Strength Gains

Dumbbells Only Pump for Upper-Body Muscle

All you have are dumbbells? No problem. You can get a full upper body workout with this routine.

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