My training split is a 3 day on, 1 day off plan:

  • DAY 1: Quads
  • DAY 2: Chest
  • DAY 3: Back
  • DAY 4: Rest Day
  • DAY 5: Hams/Glutes
  • DAY 6: Arms
  • DAY 7: Shoulders

This program is a blend of heavy weight and high volume. It’s what I found to be my secret to success in the gym to take my body to the next level.

With this program, I want to lay things out very simply and let you know what you can do to grow and meet your goals for gaining muscle. It’s a simple formula of breaking down the muscle with resistance, and rebuilding it with proper nutrition, supplements and rest.

There are three main goals with the plan:

GOAL 1: Swell (aka pump) the muscle you are training with the main exercises and force blood into it for as long as possible.

Perform three exercises per body part, four sets each. Every set is to failure. To fuel the pump even more, we’re going to do a triple drop set on the last set of each of the main exercise.

Steve kuclo leg press

GOAL 2: Feed the swollen muscle with amino acids and glucose. 

Mix in your water bottle or shaker: BCAAs (such as AminoCore), glutamine, carbohydrates (such as Carbion, which also has insulin potentiators), and creatine (such as C:Vol). Sip on this before, during, and after your training.


Steve protein shake

GOAL 3: Create new muscle and limits for your body by doing power partials.

Increase your poundage in your last set by 30% and perform quarter to half reps in the strongest range of motion for that muscle.  For example, the top quarter range for incline barbell is the first three to five inches. Sure, maybe it looks like you are an egomaniac trying to lift more weight than you can handle—but who cares. The ultimate goal here is to force new muscle growth by overloading the muscle.

Do as many reps as possible, then perform your triple drop set immediately following the power partial reps. Go to absolute failure and push yourself! Taking your body to new limits is not an easy or comfortable process. There is going to be pain, aches, soreness and fatigue—but you have to push through to become, not only physically stronger, but mentally strong!

Kuclo incline hammer