Summer is getting closer. As temperatures rise, so too does the smell of cooked meats, meeting the nose as the sun sets each evening. It’s a great time of year for people who revere campfires, coals, and sizzling meat. And that means it’s also the perfect opportunity to look over your grilling gear, weed out the old stuff, and try out some new tools to help you grill your meals to perfection.

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Maybe you need to throw away some old BBQ tools, or just pare them down to the essentials. You could try some new sauces and rubs, expanding your gustatory preferences and impressing your neighbors. Bring in a wacky contraption or two to liven up your time in front of the fire. Maybe even add a digital component to the ancient experience of cooking over fire.

So whether you’re a grilling newbie and want to elevate your BBQ skills, or you’re an old hand who’s been searing steak for years, these are our gear suggestions that can benefit you.

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