Rochester, NY resident Willie Murphy was at home getting ready for bed when a home intruder nearly ruined her night. But Murphy, an 82-year-old grandmother who lives alone, showed the guy who’s boss and beat him down with a table. Yup, a table.

“I’m alone and I’m old, but guess what? I’m tough,” Murphy, an avid powerlifter, told ABC 13 in a video shot at the YMCA where she works out. In her own words, she recounted the break-in and subsequent beating she handed the intruder, who was reportedly intoxicated, around 11 p.m on Nov. 22.

We’re guessing the man, who had been pounding on her door asking her to call an ambulance because he “was sick,” didn’t get a good look at the octogenarian’s toned biceps before he broke the door and forced himself into her home. But Murphy knew she was strong enough to defend herself.

Murphy started hitting him with a table to knock him down, and he actually ended up in an ambulance in the end. The only casualty was the table, which Murphy broke in the midst of the situation.

“He picked the wrong house to break into,” Murphy told ABC 13. Once he was on the ground, she poured shampoo onto his face and hit him with a broom. When the police got there, they were so impressed that they all wanted a photo.



Murphy turning the tables—literally—on the intruder is quite a story, and Murphy hopes it can inspire people of all ages to make fitness a priority.

Check out the full video of Murphy telling her story below: